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40 years of computer experience means we can solve your computer problems quickly and professionally.

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Computer Consulting

After working for over 35 years with computers we have a deep background of all areas of computers. Be it small to medium size business or home users we are here to help you with you computer problems.

Your solution is just a phone call or email away!

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35+ Years

working with computers

Our first time using a computer was in 1968 while a junior in college. After completing our Bachelor and Master degrees in Mathematics our first job required using computers. We soon became a full time Computer System Analyst with the Department of Defense. After returning home in the mid 80s we started helping friends with their computer and soon found our self working full time helping other understand and use their computers.

Brief background of our experience.

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Designed to safely measure and dispense hazardous, toxic and just plane dangerous liquids.

Computer sales & service

We carry a full line of computer and peripherals for business and home.

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Cedeq P120 Enterpad designed with one touch entry of any string of  keyboard characters.

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