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Mac Users
What is your biggest data entry problem?
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A Cedeq Enterpad can solve all these problems and more!
Each key on an Enterpad can be configured to reproduce any sequence of characters or commands

Each key on an Enterpad can be configured to reproduce any sequence of characters or commands available on a standard keyboard your data entry problems are solved.

A graphic overlay is then created clearly labelling the function of each Enterpad key. Keys can be grouped by similar function and color coded making them easier to locate.
Solving the misspelling a problem.

Applications such as medical transcription require the repeated typing of long complicated technical terms.

Assign that troublesome word or phrase to an Enterpad key.

Now every time the key is pressed that word or phrase is entered correctly the first time, every time with no mistakes!
The answer to slow keyboard skills.

Slow typist become even slower when searching for commands that require complicated figuring or they seldom use.

Assign these commands to Enterpad keys and watch data entry speed increase.
Let an Enterpad remember all your program commands.

Most computer users remember and use only a small set of the program feature that are available. This waste time, increases frustration and increases errors.

Let an Enterpad remember these commands for you. Once a key is configured the command is never forgotten and will always be reproduce correctly.
Complicated commands are a thing of the past.

Most programs always have commands that are way too complicated to remember and thus never get used. Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F3 not only is forgettable but torture for the hand.

Simply press the correct Enterpad key and the command is ready to use.
Training new hires

Getting a new hire up to speed is hard enough. Teaching them to use your specialized software is an extra training problem you can do without.

Training becomes easier with an Enterpad. Teach the new hire to press one key to navigate to program features simplifies training.
Forgotten Program Features

Programs come loaded with lots of shortcut to popular features. The big problem is that most users learn only a small number of the shortcuts and the associated features.

With an Enterpad all shortcuts are available at the press of one key. With more shortcuts quickly available users will experiment and learn more program features.
Confusing Programs

Sometimes exactly what a program is asking for is confusing, especially new programs. There is no relationship between the shortcut command and what it does other then the shortcut was available.

Each key on an Enterpad is clearly labelled as to the function it will perform eliminating the need to remember crazy shortcuts.

Enterpad Features & How They Work For You!

Building more efficiency into your job is our job.

Reduce keystrokes, automate common tasks with an Enterpad.

Add greater efficiency into your common tasks.

Reduce multiple key strokes to one key press.

Reduce the time it takes to perform routine essential tasks.

No more memorizing various shortcut keys and key combinations.

The Enterpad makes computer operation less tedious.

Offer your employees a useful shortcut to increase productivity and reduce errors and repetitive strain injuries.

There are as many applications for the Enterpad as there are businesses.

Any of the 120 keys on the Enterpad can be programmed to represent a sequence of letters, numbers or functions.

Templates are available that can be used with several popular drawing and word processing programs to customize an overlay sheet for your application.

Compact, lightweight and ready for daily use, the Enterpad is your key to making programming tasks less tedious and achieving a degree of consistency not possible with a standard keyboard.

The Enterpad does not require a special driver or hardware adapter

Cedeq is an industry leader in the manufacturing of overlay keyboards.

Cedeq has developed the Enterpad to work with USB, PCAT or RS232 ports.

Works with UNIX, Windows or DOS.

The Enterpad programmable keyboard is the solution to your most troublesome efficiency challenges.

Software developers add greater value to their software applications.

Offer a total package with the addition of the Enterpad.

The bottom line; save time and stress with the Enterpad!

This quick 3 and half minute video is an introduction to the Cedeq P120 Enterpad.

Shown are a few of the applications that the Enterpad has been used with.

Attention MAC Users:           

  • USB version of the Enterpad can work with a Mac if:
  • The Mac has a USB port.
  • The operating system supports a USB keyboard.
  • We have not tested Enterpads with every Mac computer type.
  • Also you will need to configure the Enterpad using a PC computer

Cedeq P120 Enterpad




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Order 10 or more Enterpads and receive a $10.00 discount per Enterpad. Call the number below to receive your discount.

If you have any questions please call us toll free at (814) 725-2401. Ask to talk with Phil when prompted by our automated system. If he is unable leave a message. Someone, usually Phil, will get back to you as soon a possible to answer your questions and concerns.

International orders are handled by Cedeq. Click here to visit Cedeq's website for international orders. Please mention you learned about Enterpads from our site.

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